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Wilbert Robinson

A regular contributor to Baseball Almanac sent us an email yesterday that mentioned Nomar Garciaparra having a 10-RBI game, and that he was the only shortstop with that many RBI in a game.

I had a list, built back in 1999, of every player in Major League history with ten-or-more RBI in a game at the bottom of my RBI Record Book. But, I did not have the positions included. The journey begins there:

  1. A new column was added to that chart, showing the position played by every player with a 10+ RBI game.

I had to dig through old newspapers to find the Wilbert Robinson game, since it was played over 110 years ago. Once I found it, I had to preserve this amazing game, since it was also the same one where Uncle Robbie had 7 hits. I scanned in the card above from my collection, then:

  1. Integrated the newspaper clipping on the Wilbert Robinson page.
  2. Added another fact about him going 7-for-7 in that game, linked it to the Hits Records page.
  3. Made a trivia question asking what player tied that record in 1975. [Answer]
  4. Put a quote on his page, with a ranking by Bill James, for his all-time rank as a catcher.
  5. Mentioned his induction into the Hall of Fame. Added plaque & list of others from that year.

Since I was digging through newspapers looking for more “did you know” type items about Robinson, I found one I liked even more than that historic game. A day where Wilbert Robinson caught all three games of a triple header (yes, a triple header), and did not commit a single error that day. An even more amazing feat in my personal opinion, it too had to be preserved!


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