Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball Book Review

Phyllis J. Perry, in Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball, writes on the back of her book, “When Bullies Act Out, It’s Time for Buddies and Baseball”. Jack Tresidder is a big baseball fan, a good kid, but he is being bullied at school – a very serious topic. How did Shaq react when he read it?

Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball


I am an old Grandpa who has loved and played baseball from the time I could walk and talk… and continued to play till my body gave out. I have taught my son and grandchildren how to play baseball… the right way. I taught them the dedication that is needed to attempt to be the best. I told/taught multiple generations… that the desire and commitment needed to be successful in the game of baseball… are the same commitments you must truly make to be successful in the most important game of all… the game of life.

Each generation has the same problems in being a successful person… and unfortunately… each generation… either has a few new ugly obstacles… or some of the age-old ones… don’t disappear… they just get worse! One of those growing malingering problems for our wonderful beautiful youth… is *BULLYING*!

The author… Phyllis J. Perry (a former school teacher)… has done an absolutely outstanding job… in writing a book for the “ages”… and I use the term “ages” in a dual meaning way. It is a book an adult can read and be thoroughly engrossed and entertained… and so can ten-year-old fifth graders! The greatest thing I got out of this book… is knowing I can give it to my grandchild have them read it… and then have a wonderful conversation with them regarding their feelings and what they’ve learned. Being I am a Grandpa…. And miraculously have been a child… I know it is sometimes hard to start up… comfortably… a meaningful conversation whether the elder tries to start the conversation… or the youngster. This book will open up a toll-free road of heartfelt conversation between the generations.

The story takes place in Colorado… where about to turn ten-years-old fifth grader Jack is happy… yet severely dreading that summer is over and he has to go back to school. On one hand he can’t wait to go back and see his friends… especially since his all-time favorite team… The Colorado Rockies… just earned the right to play in this year’s World Series. He can’t wait to brag about the Rockies… and bring his special first baseman’s mitt that his Uncle Max… a former minor league ballplayer… gave him… to play ball with his friends. Unfortunately… hanging over Jack’s entire being… is a thunderous dark “Cloud” … in the form of black sheep bullying classmates Steve and Cliff! Will they take up where they left off last semester? Pushing him around… stealing his lunch snacks… ridiculing him and his friends with awful taunts??

The author smoothly and delicately covers many daily fifth grade issues along with sprinkling in many of the modern day emphasis points. One wonderful friend is cheery… yet has to leave the class each day to get remedial reading assistance… another friend is the girl that almost every class seems to have… “she’s perfect”… and a true friend when it counts… and of course there’s an immigrant new to the class… this one is from Germany. This cheerful group… while teaming together for a class assignment regarding foreign countries… all are affected by the hate filled “Cloud” of Steve and Cliff. The bullying escalates as Jack’s beloved glove is stolen… and his newly repaired bike is rendered useless with an attack on its tires.

All the while… Jack’s favorite Uncle Max is coming to town for Jack’s birthday… with World Series tickets for the family and Jack’s special friends. The reader (including Grandfathers) are absorbed… as if it was an adult thriller. I literally found myself at times… emotionally… and physically… losing my actual time and place… and felt like I was back in the fifth grade.

As Jack is forced to make a ten-year-old’s decisions on how to solve all his “world’s-decisions”… another ugly dilemma… domestic violence… enters the scene… it’s almost enough to make a Rockies fan forget about the World Series. I said “almost”!

This is a book that would make an absolute perfect gift for any occasion to a child in your life… and it I guarantee you… that it’s the rare gift that would keep on giving! I thank the publisher for reaching out to me to read and review this book.

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Reviewer: Rick “Shaq” Goldstein

Five Stars

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